Australian archbishop Philip Wilson guilty of concealing child sex abuses
Philip Wilson is the most senior Catholic in the world to be charged and convicted of the offence.
Iran sanctions: Zarif condemns Pompeo announcement
Tehran dismisses Washington's promise to impose the "strongest sanctions in history".
North Korea summit: Pence warns Kim Jong-un not to 'play' Trump
The US vice-president issues a warning to Kim Jong-un ahead of a summit scheduled for 12 June.
Korea: Hoping for peace at a fake DMZ
A replica of the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) separating North and South Korea is drawing tourists.
Venezuela election: Fourteen ambassadors recalled after Maduro win
Fourteen ambassadors are recalled and the US imposes new sanctions after Mr Maduro's re-election.
'Living fossil' giant salamander heading for extinction
The world's largest amphibian is in "catastrophic" decline, with probably only a handful left in the wild.
Cuba plane crash: Grettel Landrove becomes 111th victim
The official death toll rises after 23-year-old Grettel Landrove dies of her injuries.
Manchester Arena attack: Anniversary to be marked in city
A minute's silence, a memorial service and a sing-along vigil are among the events taking place.
Turkey coup trial: Court to jail 104 ex-military for life
The president had said he backed reintroducing the death penalty for plotters of the 2016 coup.
Sony buys controlling stake in EMI record label
If approved, the $2.3bn deal will see Sony indirectly own about 90% of the record label.
Royal Wedding 2018: Harry and Meghan release official photos
The whole bridal party join the newly-weds in three official photographs from their big day.
US Justice Department expands probe to add 'campaign infiltration'
The Department of Justice pledges to seek out any "political motivation" in its own investigation.
Hawaii volcano: When your home's next to a lava flow
Hawaii resident John Davidson returns to his home to find lava flowing from a fissure nearby.
German police stop 'truant' families at airport
Trying to avoid peak holiday time could mean fines for some Bavarian parents.
Ms Curvaceous takes on the 'fat tax'
Corrine Mensah was recently crowned Ms Curvaceous UK 2018.
'I want to be like Mo Salah'
Aspiring footballers in Mo Salah's hometown are taking inspiration from the Liverpool FC ace.
The Gambian village transformed by graffiti
What happened when international street artists, who normally paint murals on urban walls, headed to rural Gambia.
Van Gogh: Could this be a newly discovered painting?
X-ray and traditional methods suggest the painting is genuine, but final verification is pending.
What happens inside an abortion clinic
As the Republic of Ireland prepares to vote on legalising abortion, Newsbeat visits a clinic in England to find out what people can expect.
Iconic Hollywood film poster creator Bill Gold dies
Bill Gold had a hand in over 2,000 posters, including those for Casablanca and A Clockwork Orange.
Fred the labrador takes nine ducklings 'under his paw'
The ducklings were found waddling around the grounds of a castle.
Who is to blame for 'self-driving car' deaths?
Drivers may be confusing autonomous cars with driver assistance technology, with sometimes fatal consequences.
An egg a day to keep the doctor away?
A study in China suggests a daily egg may reduce the risk of a stroke
Prison without guards or weapons in Brazil
The progressive prisons rewarding inmates for studying and placing emphasis on rehabilitation.
Spanish speakers in the US come under fire
From border patrol interrogations to ranting customers, language and immigration take centre stage.
Doctors explain Michael Jackson's impossible dance move
Spine experts reveal the improbable dynamics of the "Smooth Criminal" lean.
Last survivor tells tale of the great Spanish flu epidemic
José Ameal is believed to be the oldest Spanish survivor of the pandemic which followed World War I.
Unai Emery set to be appointed new Arsenal manager replacing Arsene Wenger
Arsenal are set to appoint former PSG and Sevilla boss Unai Emery as their new manager to replace Arsene Wenger.
Champions League final: Liverpool v Real Madrid resale ticket prices 'ridiculous'
Fans seeking tickets for Liverpool's Champions League final against Real Madrid in Ukraine are being asked to pay "ridiculous" prices online.
'Shaun Edwards perfect choice for England' says Matt Dawson
Shaun Edwards is the perfect choice to replace Paul Gustard as England defence coach, says Matt Dawson.
50 Great World Cup moments: Marco Tardelli's scream against Germany - 1982
Watch Marco Tardelli's goal to put Italy 2-0 up against Germany in the 1982 World Cup final, after which he celebrated with his famous screaming run.
England v Pakistan: Jos Buttler says he considered quitting white-ball cricket
England batsman Jos Buttler says he considered quitting white-ball cricket to regain his place in the Test team.
Champions League: Test your knowledge of the 2017-18 competition
It's almost Champions League final time, but how closely have you been following this season's competition?
Vegas Golden Knights on verge of history after reaching NHL finals in debut season
A team of "misfits" given odds of 500-1 to win the title at the start of their debut season are on the verge of making history after reaching the NHL finals.
County Lines: Why drug phenomenon has hit Wales so hard
Why Wales is being hit so hard by the drugs phenomenon that became a national issue virtually overnight.
'I hated myself for Abu Ghraib abuse'
One of the soldiers convicted in the Abu Ghraib scandal talks about its legacy.
'My lovely dad tried to kill me'
Robyn Hollingworth was just 25 when she left her job in London to help care for her dad who had early-onset Alzheimer's.
The secret executions in Europe's 'last dictatorship'
Those on death row in Belarus know they will be executed but never when - and then no-one will be told.
What has #MeToo actually changed?
The #MeToo movement has shifted Hollywood's power dynamics - but what's changed for the rest of us?
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