Ecuador tightens entry rules for Venezuelan migrants
Thousands fleeing Venezuela's economic crisis are blocked as they try to cross from Colombia.
Backstreet Boys fans hurt in Oklahoma storm
At least 14 people were taken to hospital after a metal structure at a concert in Oklahoma fell.
Mueller inquiry: White House lawyer McGahn co-operating with probe
The New York Times says Don McGahn "co-operated extensively" with the Russia inquiry.
New Zealand politician cycles to hospital to give birth
The 42-week pregnant New Zealander got on her bike because "there wasn't enough space in the car".
Child passive smoking 'increases chronic lung risk'
A study shows higher risk of fatal lung disease in adults exposed to cigarette smoke in childhood.
Kerala floods: Eyewitness accounts from BBC reporters
As southern India braces for more rain, BBC reporters in Kerala see the devastating impact of floods.
Lombok earthquake: Strong tremor shakes Indonesian island
The 6.3 magnitude tremor is the latest in weeks of earthquakes that have killed more than 476 people.
Egypt internet: Sisi ratifies law tightening control over websites
New laws mean websites can be blocked if deemed a security threat, but critics say they crush dissent.
Man charged over UK Parliament crash
Salih Khater will appear in court charged with the attempted murder of pedestrians and police.
Sixteen nurses get pregnant at Arizona hospital ICU
The intensive care specialists joke that they have taken drastic measures to get Christmas off work.
Plastic pollution: 'Stop flushing contact lenses down the loo'
Flushing daily disposable lenses down the toilet is increasing the threat from plastics, say experts.
UK probes WW2 shipwreck looting claims
The defence secretary says he is "very concerned" to hear claims that four wrecks in Asia had been targeted.
Brexit vote campaign gets £1m from Superdry co-founder
Multi-millionaire tycoon says he donated because "we have a genuine chance to turn this around".
Latter Day Saints church leader rejects 'Mormon' label
The leader of the Utah-based church says God told him people should stick to its official name.
The man who keeps suing Hong Kong
Pensioner Kwok Cheuk-kin has taken the Hong Kong government to court more than 30 times over the last decade and has won just one case.
Kenya’s one-man band - Krackwhizz
Kenyan Joshua Kamau, also known as Krackwhizz, is a one-man band.
Your pictures: Coffee time
Each week, we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "coffee time".
The cycling start-up company turning trash into cash
The entrepreneurs finding a way to turn trash from the slums into cash for the people living there.
#BlackLove: What Twitter hashtag really means
#BlackLove started as a way for people to share positive images of black couples - we meet one of them.
Sea 'monster' baffles locals in eastern Russia
A massive carcass has washed up on the shores of eastern Russia and locals are trying to work out what it is.
Yemen war: Boys dig friends’ graves after air strike
A school trip ended in disaster when the bus was hit by a Saudi-led coalition missile.
The French connection: How Catalonia got its ballot papers
Tracking down those who helped Catalonia hold an independence vote ruled illegal by Spain last year.
'We are real': Saudi feminists launch online radio
Female activists turn to internet broadcasts to seek more rights for women in Saudi Arabia.
Obituary: Bui Tin, the Vietnamese reporter scrubbed from the history books
Bui Tin had a front-row seat as Vietnam changed. But his name went on to be erased from history.
US-Turkey row: Pastor a 'pawn in personal feud'
The diplomatic row over detained US pastor Andrew Brunson has split two Nato allies, Tara McKelvey writes.
End of Greek bailouts offers little hope to young
Politicians hail the end of Greece's emergency credit, but ordinary Greeks see little change.
How quinoa is changing farmers' lives in Peru
Farmers have grown quinoa for millennia, but can they withstand growing international competition?
Yemi Osinbajo: Why Nigeria's favourite leader won't become president - yet
Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo is being praised for his leadership skills but he is unlikely to be president any time soon.
Kofi Annan, the only black African to run the UN
The former UN Secretary General was the first black African to lead the international body.
Crazy Rich Asians: The film burdened with 'crazy' Asian expectations
Like the proverbial "tiger mum", many Asians have huge expectations for the Hollywood film.
Behind the exodus from US state schools
Both religious and politically conservative parents are pursuing other education options amid culture clashes.
The immigrants who built Australia's 'fairytale' castles
How nostalgic Europeans forged shrines to old traditions - creating the nation's first theme parks.
Carolyn Radford: Football is 'full of dinosaurs' says Mansfield chief executive
Mansfield chief executive Carolyn Radford says football is "full of dinosaurs", adding she is patronised by other executives "all the time".
Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder face off in ring after Briton beats Francesco Pianeta
Tyson Fury says he will knock out world champion Deontay Wilder as their bout is confirmed after his win over Francesco Pianeta.
Mitchell Johnson: Former Australia fast bowler retires from cricket
Former Australia fast bowler Mitchell Johnson retires from all forms of cricket at the age of 36.
Carl Frampton stops Luke Jackson to set up Josh Warrington fight
Carl Frampton stops Luke Jackson in the ninth round of their featherweight contest at Windsor Park in Belfast.
How adopted woman's search for birth mum unfolded
The only thing Ria has of her mum is a photo, and paperwork which states she does not want any contact.
They lost fingers entering Canada. Then what happened?
These two Ghanaians are happy in new surroundings after a perilous journey two years ago nearly cost them their lives.
'I took on my abusive boss and won'
Domestic workers are a key part of many South African homes, but many face abuse and extremely low wages.
WWE: Peyton Royce hits back at 'body shaming' Meltzer
WWE wrestler Peyton Royce criticises a journalist for his comments about her weight and appearance.
'Why I never want babies'
Jang Yun-hwa is one of a rising number of South Korean women choosing not to marry, have children, or even have relationships with men.
The last Blockbuster: 'I'm proud that we've survived'
Online streaming has crushed Blockbuster and its last store is a reminder of a not-so-distant past.
Why single Nigerian women battle to rent homes
Many landlords in Nigeria suspect single women of being prostitutes, making it difficult for them to rent.
Reddit sleuth identifies car part, leading to hit-and-run arrest
Police make an arrest over a fatal hit-and-run after a Reddit sleuth identifies an obscure car part.
Uganda's food waste warrior aims to help farmers
Engineer Lawrence Okettayot has come up with a food dehydrator that could tackle the world's food waste crisis.
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